The HSC Test

HSC Statistics

Dr Elaine Aron’s HSC test is the starting point for many parents.  For some of those parents, it’s the impetus for a lightbulb moment because, if your child is a HSC, you will recognise every tiny idiosyncrasy described therein.  Indeed, it’s like reading something written specifically about your own flesh and blood.  It certainly was for me and my daughter.  Many people describe it as a source of relief, a sense of everything suddenly making sense.  For those who find the test confirms that they have a highly sensitive child and who haven’t yet read Dr Aron’s the HSC, I cannot recommend the book highly enough.

Highly sensitive children have a hyper sensitive nervous system which can be easily overwhelmed and there are a number of clear traits common to most HSCs.  These relate to their response to both the physical and emotional world.

For many it will be the beginning of a new and exciting journey.  One not without challenges, but one which can help the struggling parent currently unable to understand his son or daughter’s emotional needs and create a confident parent who will hopefully possess a special bond with their child.