Author and Illustrator

Chris Hastings

Writer: Chris Hastings

Chris is a BAFTA winning writer and director.

Chris began his career as a researcher and writer within the radio broadcasting industry before taking a sideways step to assume the role of Artistic Director at a London fringe theatre venue.

Since that time Chris has divided his time between theatre, film and the games industry as a writer and director.

The father of two (one of each!) Chris considers himself a parent above everything else and when he’s not getting groans from his children for yet another dreadful dad joke, he’s also a keen cook with a very sweet tooth and claims to make the best cookies known to man.

Kristi Marmor

Illustrator: Kris Marmor

Kris is a freelance artist based in Melbourne.  Originally from Estonia she has studied art in one form or other her whole life and her Eastern European heritage has a strong influence on her work.

Kris has a Bachelor’s degree in Decorative Arts from the Estonian Art Academy.  On graduating Kris divided her time between creating murals for children’s bedrooms and working as a fire twirler in a travelling show, something she describes as “the craziest time.”

Her life in Australia is itself the stuff of the best romantic fiction.  Originally intended as a relatively brief visit, she met the love of her life there and the rest, as they say, is history.