Seraphina and Samuel

For anyone for whom the term Highly Sensitive Child is unfamiliar, then I’d like to draw your attention to Dr Elaine N Aron’s website and the questionnaire which helps you determine whether or not your child is a HSC. You can also find out everything you need to know about being an HSC (or HSP) here:

Is your child highly sensitive?

First and foremost, George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse is intended as a delightful picture book which should entertain all children and parents.

As a parent of two Highly Sensitive Children, the cute George also means something else to me and has some sizeable responsibility on his small shoulders.

My wife and I realised quite early on that our daughter had an unusually sensitive nature.  She possessed a heightened sense of empathy and fear and would become quite agitated by what we perceived as minor issues (the seam inside a sock, the thrum of a helicopter in the distance).  As first time parents our initial instinct was that we were somehow at fault (or that we’d broken her!)

It was only on discovering The Highly Sensitive Child that we understood her behaviour and response to the world was common (15-20% of the population considered Highly Sensitive) and consequently were able to appreciate our child and exactly how to guide her through life’s maze.

The biggest challenge we have encountered (and still encounter) has been lack of awareness, which makes it common for people (family, friends, authority figures) to respond, completely innocently and unknowingly, in a way which fans the flames of her sensitivity or, worse still, makes her think she is flawed or at fault for something which is neither of those things.

When my second child arrived and very quickly showed himself to be following in his sister’s HSC footsteps, I decided that I wanted to do something concrete to make their lives easier, to remove some of the unnecessary pain and distress from their lives; and hopefully the lives of other HSCs and their parents.

Enter stage left, George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse!

George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse isn’t Afraid of the Dark is intended as the first of many George books.

This first book has been written and edited and is currently (as we speak!) being beautifully illustrated for a June release, with a planned crowdfunding campaign in May to allow us to provide free copies to schools and libraries.

If you have an idea for the next George book, a particular element of living with an HSC that you’d like to be included in the series, then do please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.