High sensitivity is not a modern condition

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It’s been an exciting and busy week with the crowdfunding campaign in full swing and awareness increasing by the day.  After a great interview with BBC Radio Surrey, we’ve also had the exciting news that our local nursery is dedicating a whole week to George, with each day devoted to an exciting activity to promote the book and high sensitivity.

An interesting issue that was discussed during our radio interview and which has been something of a hot topic among our followers is the prevalence of high sensitivity and this figure of 1 in 5.  One of the most telling comments was that “this must be a new thing”, the implication being that it wasn’t around until recently and wasn’t historically an issue during parenting (or growing up).

This is a completely understandable misconception because, until maybe 15 years ago, it wasn’t something that was debated in the public arena.  But while it may feel like it’s something new, the simple truth is that high sensitivity has always been there and the long term mental health problems that are a result of countless HSCs being misunderstood and mistreated haven’t occurred overnight.

It’s not some inexplicable blip that 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health problems at some point in their life.  For many, it starts here, in childhood; and it most certainly is not “a new thing”.  Apologies to those who have heard the interview (and therefore heard this analogy – but I like it so I’ll repeat it!) high sensitivity is like a tall tree in an endless forest.  It didn’t sprout overnight until it stood 100 feet in the air, it has been growing for generations and stood for centuries.  Every generation past and present has had high sensitivity.  It’s inherent within the genetic makeup of a large portion of society.  It is simply that only now are we able to understand it; to help highly sensitive children understand it and to provide effective coping mechanisms for the inevitable obstacles that life is going to throw their way.

However, while there are still those who think “it’s a new thing” and they have never been nor will ever be responsible for the emotional well-being of a highly sensitive child, then there will always be HSCs who will not just be the 1 in 5, they’ll one day be the 1 in 4.  And that’s truly sad.

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The George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse books are a series by Senlac Hill Publications aimed at Highly Sensitive Children and their parents that will also appeal to and entertain all children.

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