George’s World

George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse

George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse is the story of a very special mouse.  Except George doesn’t realise he’s special.  In fact, he’d rather be just like all the other mice; but it’s George’s unique characteristics that allow him to help others overcome their fears.

George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse isn’t Afraid of the Dark is the very first in a series of delightful children’s picture books to be enjoyed by all, but written with Highly Sensitive Children and the parents of HSCs in mind.

In this first book, when George’s brothers and sisters tell him about their fear of the dark, George knows just how to help.

George’s existence is thanks to my own young daughter. One of the earliest genuine fears she was able to vocalise was a fear of the dark and dark places. It began as soon as she could string together a coherent sentence. The terms HSP and HSC meant nothing to me at the time and I assumed her response was typical. When the problem began to escalate and even a missing ceiling tile (and the murky space behind it) prompted genuine hysteria, I decided to seek expert advice. It was a journey that, after several turns, led to Dr Elaine N Aron’s The Highly Sensitive Child.

On reading the HSC, everything rapidly began to fall into place. I found, to my chagrin, that despite the best intentions, much of what I’d been doing to help my daughter was misguided and I was probably in the running for worst dad of the year! My only comfort was that most of my parent friends were doing exactly the same things.

Indeed, I discovered that my attempts to reassure her about the dark were making matters worse.  Telling her that “she was just being silly” and that there was nothing there was simply making her less inclined to voice her fears, something which could irreparably damage her ability to communicate honestly with us now and in the future; and telling her not to worry because “daddy would protect her” and see off any beasties lurking in the corner was simply making concrete her fears.

It was only on seeking more informed guidance and armed with expert advice that I developed a full understanding of how I should be addressing her fears (and her sensitive nature). It was from this that George was born, confronting a fear of the dark in a smart, honest and enlightening way.