George’s fearless mission

George's Fearless Mission

Being the parent of an HSC is a strange existence, mainly because the term HSC is still so little known. It sometimes feels like having a very strange hobby that no one quite believes is real. Like collecting toenail clippings. Or dog surfing. It’s one of the key reasons that George was created – to help raise awareness.

One of the astonishing and very rewarding things, however, has been this beta reading phase during which I’ve been receiving suggestions about the next book. Everyone who has looked at the draft has been asked if there is anything they’d like to suggest for the sequel to George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse Isn’t Afraid of the Dark.  I was half expecting a huge, uncontrollable list of disconnected ideas.  Far from it, what has instead happened is that I’ve found myself reassured that I’m not alone. Having stood in a room of twelve carers, none of whom had ever heard the term, it can sometimes feel like being the only sane person in an insane world (or, worse still, being the insane person in a sane world).  The knowledge that there is a strong community of parents of HSCs who are all going through similar experiences encourages me that there is hope.

Many of the suggestions are identical to those I would make. Like the minefield of parties (noise, crowds, inevitable tears), the contemplation of big issues at such an early age, the incredible empathy able to pick up emotions both good and bad, the perfectionism and self-criticism. So, hopefully, as George’s words (and pictures) spread further and help to make more HSCs a little more fearless, he’ll be helping a few parents too!

About George the Mouse
The George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse books are a series by Senlac Hill Publications aimed at Highly Sensitive Children and their parents that will also appeal to and entertain all children.

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