The Writing is on the Wall

Coping Mechanisms When Seraphina was around five, she returned one day from school in a state of complete devastation.  Her chest heaved with the most terrible, heart-wrenching sobs.  We assumed there had been some altercation with a friend or classmate.  It took quite some time [Read More]

Cry Baby!

Cry Baby! Very recently my daughter has been returning home from school a little sad (understandably) that supposed friends have started calling her cry baby.  Consequently, she is excluded from their clubs (as she calls them, although they’re cliques by any other name) because she [Read More]

A Big Step Forward

It’s been quite some time since our last blog, and there’s been a very good reason for that.  The response to our Crowdfunder campaign to get free copies of George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse into schools and libraries was bigger than we could ever have [Read More]

Be Prepared!

It’s been a pretty crazy week.  With more and more people learning about high sensitivity for the first time through George – either as a term or, indeed, discovering that they are a Highly Sensitive Person or parent to a Highly Sensitive Child – I’ve [Read More]

Is this a mean photo?

With our crowdfunder campaign in full swing, I have used the above photograph as a key component of the crowdfunding video. Indeed, I’ve also been using it on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve just had a message from someone who said they thought it was [Read More]

George’s fearless mission

Being the parent of an HSC is a strange existence, mainly because the term HSC is still so little known. It sometimes feels like having a very strange hobby that no one quite believes is real. Like collecting toenail clippings. Or dog surfing. It’s one of the key [Read More]

Wallace and Gromit reference point

We’ve been trying to conjure some variety in our mice world. George is meant to be distinctively different from his brothers and sisters, but we kept finding that even the subtlest differences changed their personalities considerably and not necessarily in the way we’d wanted. We needed them [Read More]