A Big Step Forward

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It’s been quite some time since our last blog, and there’s been a very good reason for that.  The response to our Crowdfunder campaign to get free copies of George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse into schools and libraries was bigger than we could ever have imagined.  The amount of coverage and support we have received has been overwhelming and having originally set a target of £2500, we were astonished to receive an incredible £3100 in pledges.

In addition, the George week at Treetops nursery (which included a ton of activities relating to the book, including a disco, a mouse hunt, mouse cookie decorating, a pyjama day, sharing fears day and cake sale, culminating with a visit to the nursery to read the book to children) has brought in another £125.

Our priority, right now, is to those people who gave us their support.  George is being printed as we speak and the increased pledges means that we can print an amazing 2500 paperback copies, all of which will be raising awareness of high sensitivity.  We are expecting dozens of boxes of books to land on our doorstep in just over a week (we haven’t quite realised the enormity of this or the logistics!) and are now beavering away, preparing rewards and packages to go out so that the moment we receive our copies, we can put them in the post and ensure they get out in time for Christmas!

For anyone who has pledged and needs to send us their contact details or details of the message they’d like in their book, then now is the time to do it, to ensure you get your book before the postal service shuts down for the festive period!

For everyone else, eager to see what happens next, watch this space … !


About George the Mouse
The George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse books are a series by Senlac Hill Publications aimed at Highly Sensitive Children and their parents that will also appeal to and entertain all children.

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