George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse

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Author and Illustrator

Writer: Chris Hastings Chris is a BAFTA winning writer and director. Chris began his career as a researcher and writer within the radio broadcasting industry before taking a sideways step to assume the role of Artistic Director at a London fringe theatre venue. Since that time [Read More]

George’s World

George the (Almost) Fearless Mouse is the story of a very special mouse.  Except George doesn’t realise he’s special.  In fact, he’d rather be just like all the other mice; but it’s George’s unique characteristics that allow him to help others overcome their fears. George [Read More]


For anyone for whom the term Highly Sensitive Child is unfamiliar, then I’d like to draw your attention to Dr Elaine N Aron’s website and the questionnaire which helps you determine whether or not your child is a HSC. You can also find out everything [Read More]

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Coping Mechanisms

The Writing is on the Wall

Coping Mechanisms When Seraphina was around five, she returned one day from school in a state of complete devastation.  Her chest heaved with the most terrible, heart-wrenching sobs.  We assumed there had been some altercation with a friend or classmate.  It took quite some time [Read More]